HACCP Certification

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a food management systems which analyse and control food hazard through physical, biological and chemical analysis. The HACCP monitors food related hazard at different stages of food production, processing, packaging and distribution in order to make food safe for consumption. HACCP also put preventive techniques in place to reduce food hazard rather than correcting such threats after production is complete. HACCP monitors the extent of food-related along the food chain and reduces such risk to the safest level.

HACCP is an accepted international as a system for monitoring and preventing food hazard.

HACCP certificate is not only applicable to food industry but also to an organization that wish to improve on food risk management.

In order to ensure that the integrity of the food management system is not compromised, regular checks and inspection are done by regulatory bodies and stakeholders. To ensure that the process in line with current international standards, HACCP also ensures that there is feedback from food consumers on the possible hazard that may ensue from consuming a particular food product.

How does HACCP work?

• HACCP conduct a biological, chemical and physical analysis of food to determine risks or threats during production, processing or distribution.
• From the analysis carried, a critical control point is determined.
• Then a critical control limit is set based on the critical control points. This critical control limit helps to decide the optimum safe condition during food production, processing or distribution.
• To ensure compliance, a system is out in place to monitor the critical control points.
• In the event of deviation from the set point, corrective measures are put in place.
• A procedure is set to ascertain that procedure is in compliance with HACCP requirements.

Benefits of HACCP certification

• It restores food consumers’ assurance in the process of production and distribution.
• With HACCP certification, your product is given an edge in the market. HACCP sets your product apart because it stands as a trusted brand to consumers.
• It brings profitability and cost-effectiveness to your business.

HACCP certification in India

The availability of more accredited body rendering HACCP certification services as made HACCP certification in India a lot easier. After meeting the HACCP certificate requirements, your organisation can get certified and your employees trained on the techniques in HACCP from us. We offer HACCP certification services, and we are also accredited to give HACCP certificate in India. Our training covers all necessary aspect of HACCP certification, and we ensure proper monitoring of procedure to ensure compliance.

Why choose us

Commitment-Commitment- We are committed to our client from start to finish. We ensure that our trainee get all the knowledge and skills needed for certification and accreditation of HACCP

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